Educational Consluting Services


At ECS, we generate innovative building and campus planning solutions that address institutional priorities. We define the strategy and the management principles and practices that drive effective space-planning decisions. We translate the vision, curriculum and desired learning outcomes of stakeholders into effective learning, research and support service environments.

Based in Toronto and active for 40+ years, the ECS team has completed more than 1,200 projects in 30 countries. We cultivate strong relationships with our clients, which include universities, polytechnics, colleges, government ministries, education boards and agencies, and architectural firms. In Canada, we have worked with more than 80 post-secondary institutions in nine provinces.

We bring to each project our knowledge of precedents and cases of best practice, expertise in allocation standards and benchmarks, an understanding of challenges facing the post-secondary community, and knowledge of current trends in educational delivery, campus facility innovations and space planning solutions. As a result, we are able to provide innovative, carefully tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients.